Since its establishment in 1920, Nói Síríus has grown to become the largest confectionery manufacturer in Iceland, with an annual turnover in 2006 of €17,000,000. Today we employ 130 people, making us a significant employer in a country with just 300,000 inhabitants. Our market share is approximately 30% of the total con- fectionery market in Iceland, and we account for 60% of the total domestic production. Nói Síríus products are on display all over the country, wherever confectionery is sold.

Although we manufacture a diverse range of products, chocolate is our speciality: semi-sweet, bitter and milk chocolate in a variety of shapes and sizes, including our well-known chocolate gift boxes. Our confectionery range also includes Easter eggs, pastilles of varying flavours, chocolate wafers, chocolate-covered raisins, caramels, boiled sweets, soft jelly sweets, liquorice products and breath fresheners. In all, we produce and/or market over 260 different products.

Approximately 80% of our sales come from our own confectionery brands, while the remaining 20% are derived from imports of confectionery and breakfast cereals. We hold an exclusive distributors agreement with both Kellogg’s and Cadbury, making Nói Síríus their sole distributor in Iceland. Our comprehensive dis- tribution network reaches every corner of the land.

In 1993, we moved our operations to a 6,000 square metre production plant in Reykjavík and in 2006 we added a 2,000 square metre storage facility. Product- ivity has risen steadily following increased focus on automation and streamlining of processes, giving us an even stronger competitive edge. We operate our own warehouse and distribution system.
Early in 2006, Nói Síríus bought the English confecti- onery company Elizabeth Shaw, which has a large share of the UK markets for mint chocolates and liqueur filled chocolates. Elizabeth Shaw was sold in May 2009.

Although we are small by international standards, we regard our size as an asset that allows us the flexibility to respond to any special needs our customers might have. Our production volumes may not match those of large manufacturers in other countries but we have specialist knowledge and experience of a wide range of products in the confectionery sector.

Our mission
Nói Síríus is determined to be one of the leading organizations in it´s field by offering attractive quality goods and services which meet the highest international standards.
To add to our customers' pleasure and enjoyment in life and to keep abreast of changes in order to meet demand, quickly and efficiently. We intend to maintain our leadership position in Iceland, and to work at promoting our fine products in the international marketplace.


Nói Síríus chocolate is manufactured in accordance to the Cocoa Horizons standard, which allows cacao farmers to grow and produce their produce in a self-sufficient and responsible manner. The Cocoa Horizons procedure ensures that cacao farmers are educated and informed regarding cultivation protocols, staff know-how and equipment that allows them to increase their production in a responsible way..
In addition, Cocoa Horizons provides education, health care as well as access to clean water in the cacao cultivation villages, therefor ensuring a higher standard of living for the inhabitants.

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