Let's do good for the future!

Responsible production

At Nói Síríus we have been very fortunate to accompany the Icelandic people for over roughly 100 years and our chocolate has been a part of the nation's joyful moments. We realize that its nearly impossible to grow cocoa beans in the Northern hemisphere and therefore the beans used to make the Síríus chocolate are grown in the Ivory Coast. 

Being dependent on production on the other side of the planet comes with a lot of responsibility and just as we strive to provide our employees with a good working environment we want to ensure a better livelihood for cocoa farmers and their communities. Therefore we are part of a program to help establish sustainable cocoa farming and preventing the bitter aftertaste of mistreatment of the environment and workers.

A better world with each bite

So by buying Síríus chocolate you are not only bringing joy to your taste buds, you are also improving the world a little by each bite. Since 2013 our chocolate has been Cocoa Horizons certified. This means that the cocoa used for our production is produced in a responsible way with sustainability initiatives at a forefront. 

For the environment

The cocoa farmers receive coaching in production practices to increase the diversity of their crops and how to make better use of land. This is important because old-fashioned production methods can negatively affect soil fertility which often leads to to exploitations of new land through deforestation. Therefore the coaching of farmers towards better agricultural practices can help fight deforestation and ensure biodiversity. The raw materials used for your chocolate is therefore produced in a more sustainable way.

Community collaboration

The livelihood of families in the cocoa farming regions is vulnerable to changes due to reliance on a single crop and the fact that the work has mainly been in the men's hands. This we seek to change. Thus we have put the empowerment of women at forefront to improve household income and preventing child labor. It's vital to improvement of livelihood in the communities that children seek education. Today, roughly half of the children go to school. The initiative has increased enrollment but we aim even higher.

In addition to the abovementioned projects there has been focus on access to safe drinking water and healthcare. This means that you can be sure that the raw materials in your Síríus chocolate was made in collaboration with the local cocoa farming communities with the aim to increase living standards.


This is not too good to be true. The newest technology provides opportunity to trace the cocoa beans to certain cocoa farming communities which ensures that all the raw materials going into your Síríus chocolate is certified. Cocoa Horizons Foundation is a independent, non-profit organization with headquarters in Switzerland. The local government in Switzerland carries out an annual audit of their work and progress reports.

Even better chocolate

You have the right to know that the raw materials in your favorite chocolate are grown in humane circumstances that don't threaten nature. Keep that in mind the next time you take a delicious bite of Síríus chocolate - we are convinced that it will taste even better!