We are fortunate enough to have been able to develop alongside the nation since early last century and therefore our existence is based on a solid foundation. We have a dedicated group of about 130 employees, who share the common goal of pleasing the nation's taste buds. To this end, we produce a number of confectionery items in our impressive factory at Hestháls 2-4.

For almost ninety years Síríus chocolate has been an essential part of Icelanders' celebrations but it is certainly not the only piece of joy that finds its way through our manufacturing process. Delicious liquorice, jelly candy, chocolate coated caramels and the Icelandic favorite, chocolate covered raisins, are just a few examples of our products. There are also the legendary Opal and Tópas pastilles and the Háls hard candy for sour throats. For the special occasions, we offer the classic Nóa Konfekt, assorted chocolates, and the indispensable Easter eggs that make Easter one of the nation's favorite holidays.

Product development is a part of our DNA and our innovations are regular guests on the shelves of Icelandic supermarkets. In addition to the above, we are the distributors for Kellogg's breakfast cereals, Pringles and Valor chocolate.