Grant requests

Sponsorship strategy of Nói Síríus hf. reflects the company's goals in terms of sustainability, equality and responsible operations. Objectives of Nói Síríus hf. is to have a positive impact on the environment, promote sustainability, and at the same time do good for society.

  • Nói Síríus hf. aims to reduce the negative environmental impact of its activities, whether it is related to the emission of greenhouse gases, pollution from the establishment or the impact on biodiversity.
  • We emphasize that our operations are exemplary, among other things through the selection of certified raw material suppliers and through indicative classification markings on packaging.
  • Nói Síríus wants to contribute to health-promoting prevention through the selection of high-quality ingredients, good information on content and nutritional value.


We therefore focus on supporting issues that benefit the local community. We support youth-related projects for children and young people who are the future of society, as well as projects that support the company's environmental goals.

For many years, Nói Síríus has supported humanitarian, charitable and relief work. Nói Síríus does not support religious organizations, political parties or other projects that go against the company's ethics.

All inquiries are answered within 30 days, but grants are distributed four times a year.

Please fill out the form below if you believe your request falls under the Nóa Síríus sponsorship policy.