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  • This can happen when the chocolate has temporarily warmed but not enough to melt. When chocolate heats up, the cocoa butter separates and penetrates the surface of the chocolate, creating this color. It may look gross, but it's okay to eat chocolate that has turned white. If you don't want to serve it in this state, it's also good ideal to use it in hot chocolate or baking instead of throwing it away!

  • Yes, chocolate that is in open packaging can absorb flavor from the environment. Therefore, it is not recommended to store open chocolate close to other strong smelling foods, e.g. in the spice drawer or cleaning supplies.

  • Never say never! But so far we have not been able to recreate the famous blue Opal without certain raw materials that are unfortunately no longer allowed in production.

  • Most of our products have an 18month shelf life. However, there are some that have a 12month shelf life, such as licorice, which can become hard. We encourage you to taste the product before throwing it away because sometimes the product is good longer! Best for dates are just a guideline.

  • To prepare real hot chocolate you will need:

    200g Sirius Suðusúkkulaði

    1 liter of milk

    1 cup water

    a pinch of salt

    Heat water in a pot and dissolve the chocolate in it. Add milk and salt and heat until boiling. Serve with whipped cream.

    It's fun to experiment with other types of Sirius suðusúkkulaði, such as Sirius suðusúkkulaði with caramel and seasalt.

    You'll find more ideas on our recipe page!