Let's do good for the future!

Responsible production

We are fortunate enough to have been a part of Icelandic history for the past century, sharing joyous occasions with the nation. But since the northern hemisphere is not ideally suited for growing cocoa beans our beans are grown in the Ivory Coast.


Operating in a far away country comes with a lot of responsibility. Just as we want our employees to have the best working environment, we want to be a part of improving the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities. By participating in the Cocoa Horizons program we are helping to build self-sustaining farming communities that protect nature and children.

For the environment

Cocoa Horizons focuses on activities and farmer coaching that help increase carbon sequestration, reduce carbon emissions, and ensure deforestation free sourcing. No deforestation and carbon positive farming have been strongly linked with lifting farmers out of poverty. If a farmer earns a better living through improved production he is far less likely to exploit new lands through deforestation.

Building better communities

The existence of families in cocoa growing regions is vulnerable. Work, which has been male dominated, is monotonous and Cocoa Horizons wants to change that. Womens empowerment plays a large role there, for example to increase the stability in families incomes. Another important factor when it comes to the quality of life is education. Today, around half of the children in the cocoa growing communities attends school. Strenghtening the education system has already proved its worth and we‘re still aiming higher.


Amongst other things that Cocoa Horizons has done is improving the safety of drinking water and making health care more easily accessible. It is therefore safe to say that the cocoa in our chocolate is grown in harmony with the communities that make it.

A certificate of origin

No, it‘s not too good to be true. Latest technology ensures that the cocoa we use can be traced back to its place of origin. That in turn ensures that all the cocoa we use is certified. The Cocoa Horizons Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization supervised by the Swiss Federal Foundation Supervisory Authority.

An even tastier chocolate

It‘s a fair demand that the cocoa used in making your favorite chocolate is grown responsibly under conditions that do not threaten the environment. Keep that in mind the next time you enjoy a bite of our delicious Traditional Iceland Chocolate – we‘re sure it‘s going to taste even better.