Improvements in production and packaging

Packaging plays an essential role in delivering our products to consumers in the best possible condition. However, we place emphasis on limiting their use as possible and increasing the use of reusable packaging materials. For example, we reduced the use of plastic by 15% between 2018 and 2021 and we have increased the use of recyclable plastic as well.


Packaging improvements can have a great environmental impact and just by changing the packaging of one of our product lines we managed to decrease our plastic use by 5 tons. Another successful project relates to our easter eggs where we removed wrappers around candy that‘s inside the eggs. But we didn‘t stop there because we removed cardboard cartons from around 18.000 boxes to use less cardboard.


We have increased our use of packaging made from reusable materials and work diligently towards the goal of zero waste when it comes to packaging, for example with increased standardization and improved production equipment.